Brand Identity

Aside from the product or service that you offer, your brand is the most important part of your business. Some argue that it's more. Whatever the case, we understand how perception is reality. We work to successfully develop the appropriate image for each customer.


Yes this is the DIGITAL AGE, but there are so many ways to interface with a customer. Never underestimate the power of print. MIM is well versed in digital media but our best friend is still a pencil.


Internet presence means so much more than a fancy website. Not only should it communicate consistent elements of your marketing strategy, but a website should function. We develop sites that 'work'. Oh, and they look great too.


If a picture says 1000 words it's not hard to understand why multimedia communicates so effectively at 30 pictures per second. Better use a calculator.

We've produced everything from national ad spots to brand-experience videos. Now that video spans so many different platforms; Broadcast, DVD, CD-rom, web streaming, and flash animation - we are your single-source for a smooth integration.